EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #30

Reports that are of interest for the week

Children caught in Covid culture wards as US politicians defy health advice
Whether or not masks will be required in schools is causing a large amount of conflict. This is creating concern among parents in sending their kids to school, especially if they’re unvaccinated and/or have preexisting health issues.

How do vaccinated people spread Delta? What the science says
This article goes more in depth about the difference between the Delta variant and other COVID variants, and how it spreads from vaccinated people to others.

A mobility-based approach to optimize pandemic lock-down strategies
Scientists have been working to create a model that tracks COVID-19 and optimizes lockdown policies based on what the public is doing and where COVID-19 cases are. ‘

We listen to the scientific advice on COVID-19. Why do we ignore it on climate change?
In this podcast from Michael Mackenzie on Life matters, they talk about COVID-19 and climate change. Specifically, why people in Australia are following the science behind climate change and not the science behind climate change.

AOC slams SA COVID quarantine requirements over ‘mental health risk’ for returning Olympians
The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) disagrees with South Australia’s (SA) decision to require the Olympic athletes to quarantine for another two-weeks after their first two- week quarantine. The AOC says that is doesn’t follow any science and the athletes should be celebrated rather than forced to quarantine.

Gov. Gregg Abbott of Texas has tested positive for the coronavirus
After the governor of Texas ignored the federal guidance to have masks in schools and largely populated areas, he ended up testing positive for COVID-19.

San Francisco announces strict requirements for barring the unvaccinated from indoor spaces
San Francisco is now requiring people to be fully vaccinated to eat indoors, go to nightclubs, gyms, large concerts, theaters, and other events held inside, which is similar to New York’s that requires everyone to have a minimum of one dose.

American hospitals buckle under Delta, With I.C.U.s filling up
According to this article, one in five I.C.U.s have reached or exceeded 95% of beds occupied. With that, more younger patients are being admitted and it is even more frustrating for the workers because vaccines can help prevent this.

New Zealand announces its locking down the entire country… over one Covid Case
After a 58-year-old man tested positive for COVID-19, New Zealand went under lockdown and is only allowing people to go out to the supermarket and pharmacy. This is the first positive test since February.