EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #28

Reports that are of interest for the week

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slams CDC’s update mask guidance for fully vaccinated people, calls it a ‘mandate’
After the CDC changed its mask mandate to having vaccinated people wear masks indoors that are highly populated, Texas Senator spoke out saying that he would not be changing the state mandate and Texans could wear masks if they wanted to but don’t have to.

Trump and DeSantis choose politics over science as mask wars roar back to life
This article goes deeper into the conflict in politics in the US after the rollback of not needing to wear masks indoors, from a liberal perspective.

Tucker Carlson falsely claims Anthony S. Fauci ‘created’ covid
Tucker Carlson pleased blame on Fauci for the mask mandates after the most recent mask mandate. He claims that Fauci created covid and calls out the vaccine as being pointless.

Scientists: COVID did little to slow ‘catastrophic threat’ of climate crisis
• Studies have found that because of COVID there was an obvious decrease in carbon emissions due to lack of travel. However, there was a rise in livestock numbers and ocean acidification, showing that COVID did not stop the climate crisis and we still need to act.

Philippines opposes politicization of COVID-19 origins
The Philippines takes action to work against politicizing the origins of the COVID-19 virus and leave it to the scientist and experts to look into it.

Covid-19: India sees 7 back-to-back days of surge as experts warn of third wave hitting this month
The tally of positive cases in India reached 31,695,958, and it continues to rise. They are expecting a third wave to hit in August which will cause cases to rise even more.

What behavioural science can teach governments about vaccine hesitancy
As Australia gets to the point of vaccinating their people, the government and health care workers are trying to figure out the best way to meet their vaccination goals. They feel that by using behavioral scientists they will be able to meet these goals.

Masks and covid-19: Explaining the latest guidance from the CDC and other experts
This article aims to answer the most common questions about the new mask guidance from the CDC and the reasoning behind those decisions.