EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #27

Reports that are of interest for the week

Pandemic and racial injustice cause outsize harm to black students, study finds
A study released by the Black Education Research Collective at Teachers College, Columbia University found that not only were these participants worried for their own safety due to the January 6th riot, the police violence, and the increased visibility of white supremacy, but they are also frustrated with the United States response to the pandemic, especially due to the disproportionate effect that it has had on Black Americans.

Meet the unvaccinated: Why some Canadians still haven’t had the shot
Even though around 80% of eligible Canadians have had at least one dose of the vaccine, around 6 million Canadians still haven’t received any shot. This is due to many different obstacles, including worries about side effects and safety, needle-related phobia, allergies, or opposition to vaccines in general. 

How behavioral science can build trust in Covid-vaccines- as it works in Jersey
This article talks about why people are hesitant to get vaccinated and how important it is to receive the correct information from trusted sources to combat this hesitancy.

Why vaccinated people are getting ‘breakthrough’ infections
Though vaccinated people are contracting the Delta variant, it is still relatively uncommon. More than 97% of people hospitalized by Covid-19 are unvaccinated. 

The most influential spreader of Coronavirus misinformation online
Dr. Mercola, a 67 year-old osteopathic physician in Florida has published over 600 articles on Facebook creating skepticism around Covid-19 vaccines and reaching a large audience. 

China rejects WHO plan for study of COVID-19 origin
This article provides information regarding WHO’s plan to study the origin of the COVID-19 virus and why it is being rejected by Chinese officials. 

The fate of face masks today: Conflicting advice, new mask mandates and more
Author Jessica Rengall gives an update on masks in the US. In the past, mask mandates have not been clear, so this author aims to clear up what regulations to follow, such as following state guidelines and wearing masks on public transportation. 

Biden says mandating vaccinations for all federal employees is ‘under consideration’
Biden is currently speaking out against those that are choosing not to get vaccinated. He believes that they are causing confusion and continuing the pandemic. As time goes on, having a vaccination may become required in many different settings in the US.

CDC recommends masks for all K-12 students, even those who have been vaccinated
To safely reopen schools, the CDC is requiring that all K-12 students, parents, visitors, and teachers stay masked while at schools. As more people are vaccinated, this mandate will loosen but until then it will stay in place.