EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #23

Reports that are of interest for the week

Why Uruguay lost control of COVID
Before this year, Uruguay only had 180 deaths. However, in 2021, they have already reported 5100 deaths. This article believes this increase in cases is due to complacency from their success in the early ages of the pandemic and the new highly transferable variant.

Coronavirus FAQ: I’ve been vaccinated. Do I need to worry about variants?
This article gives facts and advice regarding vaccines and new variants. The delta variant is about 60% more transferable but two doses of the vaccine will help to protect from symptomatic disease from the variant.

Ted Cruz urges Joe Biden to ‘follow the science’ and end travel mask requirement
Ted Cruz sees the mask mandate for travelers as being “outdated” and asks them to get rid of it.

Kumar: getting jabbed mandatory for travel overseas
Employment Minister Parveen Kumar states that getting vaccinated will be mandatory for any people traveling overseas in Fiji.

Coronavirus today: China rewrites the history of COVID-19
Chinese citizens are working to bring attention to the pandemic response from the Chinese government and are being punished for doing so.

Why new guidance for vaccinated Canadians leaves plenty of room for confusion
After vaccines started to roll out in Canada, they also released guidelines on what people are now allowed to do and not do. However, some of these guidelines are convoluted and people are struggling to understand them fully.

Matt Hancock’s breach could erode UK’s adherence to Covid rules, scientists say
Matt Hancock was seen with a university friend not following the guidelines given by the government. This caused him to step down from Sage.

Doctor blasts Wisconsin senator’s COVID vaccine skepticism
US Senator Ron Johnson made plans to bring people together that have had adverse reactions to the vaccine. These plans renewed criticism from doctors who believe he is putting people’s health at risk.

Wuhan lab-leak theory fuels Trump comeback rally
Now that the lab leak theory is being taken into consideration as a possible origin of the COVID-19 virus, many Trump supporters are rallying, saying he was right all along.