EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #22

Reports that are of interest for the week

Come on, CDC, we need you
This article talks more about the complications that the CDC has with walking the line between science and policy.

Fight over Covid’s origins renews debate on risks of lab work
When experiments occur that mess with genetic mutations, they are called “gain-of-function research”. This article talks more about this type of research and how it relates to the origin and spread of COVID-19.

The Japanese scientist fighting prejudice, misinformation, and COVID-19
Akiko Iwasaki is a professor of immunology at Yale University and has not only done extensive research into the way that COVID-19 affects people long term but also has created a space for diversity in science.

New guide launched to help challenge Covid conspiracy theories
The amount of conspiracy theories in the media has risen quite a bit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Though it is important that people are thinking critically, it is also important to check your sources and your information.

How the COVID pandemic is changing global science collaborations
This article talks about how the pandemic created a space for international collaboration between scientists and why that didn’t happen earlier.

The paths through which COVID-19 spread across Brazil
Research shows that São Paulo made up 85% of COVID-19’s cases spread throughout Brazil. Only 16 other cities made up 98-99% of the cases reported in the first three months.

Significant inequalities observed in popular Liverpool ‘mass testing’ pilot
In Liverpool, free testing was available to anyone with or without symptoms of COVID-19. This study found that only 32% of those in the “most deprived areas” of North Liverpool were getting tested in comparison to the 53% in a “least deprived” area.

Expert urges Canada to ‘follow the science’ on COVID-19 passports
Vaccine passports have created some divisiveness in the US. Canada wants to avoid this by really understanding the vaccines and not creating tension between people and countries.

India’s ‘black fungus’ epidemic spreads in the wake of the Covid crisis
During the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s hospitals were overflowing with patients in need of extra care. Because of people being in such proximity, experts believe that the black fungus spread quickly causing deaths on top of the pandemic.

Fauci doubles down on a claim that attacks on him are ‘actually criticizing science’
This article goes into the advice that Fauci has given over the pandemic to the public. The public is questioning whether this advice is based on science or Fauci’s own agenda.