EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #21

Reports that are of interest for the week

Covid: Matt Hancock sidesteps SNP questions on UK failings during pandemic
In this article, the UK Health Secretary talks about what happened during the pandemic between the Scottish government and scientists making it more difficult for them to combat COVID.

Malta accuses Britain of choosing politics over science, as the island with no new Covid-19 cases remains on UK amber list
The UK has been questionable with who they are putting on their “green” list where it is safe to go and who they are putting on their “amber” list, where visitors will have to quarantine when returning. Portugal and Malta are two questionable amber listees.

U.S. report found it plausible Covid-19 leaked from Wuhan lab
This US report written about in this article talks more about how likely it is that the COVID virus originated from a lab leak.

Coronavirus latest news: Residents urged to ‘minimize travel’ in further Indian variant hotspots amid local lockdown row
Citizens in Greater Manchester and Lancashire have been advised to travel less and continue wearing masks due to the new variant from India.

The CDC’s new leader follows the science. Is that enough?
This NYT article talks specifically about Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the new CDC director, and her qualifications.

The COVID lab lead hypothesis: What scientists do and don’t know
Nature gives an overview of the origins of COVID-19 from a scientific perspective and explains in more detail why it is still being investigated.

How an Indian scientist couple worked to trace origin, course of COVID-19
A couple was curious about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. This article follows their journey to where they believe the virus came from: the Wuhan labs.

Ontario shortens wait between AstraZeneca doses from 12 to 8 weeks
As the Delta variant spreads in Ontario, an executive decision has been made to allow people to get their second vaccine of AstraZeneca sooner, and opening up the possibility of getting a second vaccine of a different dose than the first.

Covid news: Vermont leads U.S. in vaccinations
Vermont has partially vaccinated 80% of its population. California has big plans for opening up the tourism industry again, which was a $145 billion-a-year industry. Finally, England’s plan to reopen on June 21st has been postponed due to a new variant.

G7: World leaders promise one billion Covid vaccine doses for poorer nations
This article talks about G7’s pledge to supply vaccines to poorer countries to create a fight against COVID at a global scale. The UK has promised 100 million.