EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #18

Reports that are of interest for the week

Using science and technology to help us navigate public health crises
This article talks about how science and technology are needed during public health crises. It also talks about how we have the technology to fight infectious diseases in all countries, not just developed countries.

Why Canada needs more scientists running for office
Author Phil de Luna talks about the dynamics between scientists and politicians in Canada and the impact that it is having during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Labor unions say CDC mask advice ignores science, equity
After the CDC released its recommendation that people who were fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask or socially distance, many groups of health experts are saying this is bad advice, including the National Nurses United

‘No masks for the vaccinated’: What the latest US mask guidance means
Due to the change in the mask mandate, many US citizens are confused on what health advice to follow based on facts. This is similar to how citizens felt at the beginning of the pandemic with expert health advice.

How the Covid pandemic ends: Scientists look to the past to see the future
This article talks about past pandemics and how they phased out without the use of vaccines and relates it to COVID-19 and future pandemics to come.

As it fights a pandemic, the CDC wages a second battle to win back trust
The CDC has been struggling to communicate health advice to the public that makes sense while also following the science. This article goes into more detail of the politics behind the CDC.

Swiss health minister rues science judgement during pandemic
Swiss interior minister Alain Berset talks about following science advice during the pandemic and the effects that it had on the spread of COVID-19.