EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #17

Reports that are of interest for the week

Covid-19: C.D.C. guidance prompts caution in some states
After the CDC said that vaccinated people no longer needed to wear masks or social distance, many governments and retail workers are trying to work through what the next best step is.

COVID-19’s origins need further investigation, says scientists
According to a letter signed by 18 scientists in North America and Europe on May 14, there needs to be more research done to understand the origins of COVID-19.

WHO chief urges wealthy countries to share doses before vaccinating kids
Though the US’s cases are dropping dramatically, it isn’t the same for many other countries. So before vaccinating young people, WHO suggests donating vaccines to Covax.

‘The right decision wrongly handled’: Inside the Biden administration’s abrupt reversal on masks
Because the CDC and Biden administration did not warn US citizens that we were close to being done wearing masks, people think it was too soon and it isn’t following the science.

COVID-19 grey areas like ‘one-dose summer’ show challenges in communicating science: experts
As new information about COVID-19 emerges, social media and other news outlets confuse people on the correct health precautions to follow

Today’s coronavirus news: Ontario reporting 2,584 COIVD-19 cases, 24 deaths: Reopening provincial outdoor recreational sites should focus on equity and access: advocates
Ontario’s leaders are struggling to distribute vaccine resources equally to all socioeconomic groups and those who are more at risk.

Indian variant and travel bans: COVID-19 warning should be rooted in science, not anti-South Asian racism
This article talks about the origins of South Asian racism, the effects that the virus is having in India, and the way other countries are reacting.

US nurses’ union condemns CDC’s advise to go maskless
The union of registered nurses disagrees with the CDC for lifting mask recommendations for vaccinated people because they feel it would put the health of frontline workers at risk

‘We wanted to limit mobility’: Doug Ford defends outdoor amenity closures despite science table advice
Ontario Premier Doug Ford is thought to have gone against scientists again to close outdoor amenities to limit mobility and the spread of the virus.