EScAPE Newsletter, #16

Reports that are of interest for the week

Local businesses face tough choices following Gov. DeSantis call to suspend COVID-19 orders
This article goes into how businesses are reacting to political leaders suspending COVID-19 protocols and the effects it could have on their businesses.

Anthony Fauci on ending the Covid seesaw
In an interview with Anthony Fauci, he talks about the future of the virus, the future of the world, and what needs to happen to get there.

Biden’s actions masking the science: Devine
This article talks about how even though Biden advises US citizens to trust the science, his actions may show that he doesn’t trust it himself.

‘Third Covid wave inevitable, we should be prepared’ suggests Principal Scientific Advisor
As variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to circulate, science advisors warn that countries should be ready for a third wave of the virus.

CDC’s clow, cautious messaging on Covid-19 seems out of step with the moment, public health experts say
Over the months that the COVID-19 virus has taken over the world, the CDC has given a lot of mixed messages and changed their advice often. This article goes into specifics and talks about the impact it has had.

New White House task force to look at politicization of science within government
Science and policy have struggled to come together over the years and provide good advice to the public. In this article, they talk about things like “Sharpiegate” that have caused scientific evidence to become politicized.

How India’s COVID-10 crisis became the worst in the world
Due to a feeling that they had overcome the virus, many people in India are no longer following COVID-19 precautions. This mixed with variants has caused an extreme rise in cases and hospitals to be overwhelmed.

Study reveals mixed reactions about COVID-19 health disparities
An MIT professor did a study informing people about the disparities in race on who is being more affected by COVID-19. They found that Black Americans and White Americans who had “warm” feelings about other racial groups agreed it was important to combat this. However, White Americans who had “cool” feelings toward other racial groups felt it wasn’t a priority.

Origins of COVID-19: Who opened pandora’s box at Wuhan - people or nature?
Author Nicholas Wade discusses the two theories for where the COVID-19 virus came from and what they mean for the future.

COVID-19 has shown how science can be messy, but we can still trust it
• Even though science advice has been confusing during the pandemic, it is important to know how scientists come to the conclusion that they tell the public. The surge of this virus has brought this to many people’s attention.

UK government ‘failed to consider gender’ in its response to Covid pandemic
This article goes into detail about the gender disparities of the effect of the virus, and how the political leaders did not take this into account while deciding regulations.