EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #15

Reports that are of interest for the week

As 100 day mark approaches, science group evaluates President Biden’s promise to “listen to the scientists”
This article talks about how scientists feel the Biden administration is doing with forming a strong relationship with scientists. There is also a link to the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS’s scorecard that they have been using to track the administration’s progress.

Power imbalance in COVID-19 enforcement
Pat Fidopaistis is a biology professor at California Polytechnic State University and has said and done some controversial things regarding masks and COVID-19. The first link is the first article that was written, and the second is Fidopaistis’s response.

Investigating vaccine hesitancy in Houston’s underserved communities
According to this article, black adults in Taxes represent 13% of the population and more that 18% of the healthcare workforce, but only 7% of vaccine recipients.

Biden has elevated the job of science adviser. Is that what science needs?
This article talks about what science advisers actually do and if it will help to have a science adviser at a cabinet-level position.

Once a Covid hotspot, Italian village now intrigues researchers with ‘super-immune’ cases
Vo’ is a town right outside of Venice, Italy in which the COVID-19 virus infected the majority of the population. 129 of those people still had antibodies 9 months after the initial outbreak and this article theorizes why that is.

Assessing England’s response to COVID-19: A framework
This paper regards the large impact that the COVID-19 virus had on England, and why that happened.

Federal government should embrace more diverse and inclusive science advice
President Biden has aimed to protect scientists and value science advice during his time as president. This article talks about ways he can go about meeting this goal.

Exclusive: Scientists say India government ignored warnings amid coronavirus surge
In March of 2021, warnings were released that a new variant was in India, however, no action was taken from preventing its spread throughout the country.

Doug Ford defends 3-say sick day program after Ontario science table says it is not enough
The Ontario Science Table said that to stop the spread of COVID-19, having 10 sick days for employees is safe, however, Ford disagrees saying that three will be enough.

Global COVID-19 cases have hit record highs with several hotspots across the world
This article gives an update on global COVID-19 struggles. For over a week, cases have averaged a daily rate of more than 800,000 which is similar to the beginning of the pandemic.

India, Brazil and the human cost of sidelining science
Brazil and India are both having pandemic catastrophes causing great loss. This article talks about how this is due to the fact that leaders have been slow to respond to science advice.