EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #12

Reports that are of interest for the week

INGSA Horizon Series- A/Prof Heather Douglas- Values, Bias, and Societal Responsibility of Science
The second episode in INGSA’s Horizon Series. Professor Heather Douglass talks about “the new social contract for science, how value-laden science and science advice are different from bias and the need for responsibility-based ethics in science and education.”

CEPA strategy guidance note on the Science-policy interface
CEPA has developed a set of voluntary principles of effective governance for sustainable development to help countries with governance challenges that come from the 2030 Agenda.

Biden, Congress roll out big plans to expand National Science Foundation
The Biden administration plans to up the National Science Foundation’s budget by quite a bit in the coming years. Biden also asked congress to spend $180 billion on “technologies for the future” which included money for agencies to combat climate change and give money to historically Black colleges and universities.

How preprints accelerated science communication during the pandemic
This article talks about how COVID-19 preprints of science information were being shared on platforms like Twitter and being shared over seven times as much as non-COVID-19 preprints.

Can Social Scientists Help Control Epidemics?
This article talks about the help that anthropologists were able to give during the Ebola pandemic to calm down the disease and gives us an idea of how social sciences can help in future epidemics as well.

Covid-19: Infections Among US Prisoners Have Been Triple Those of Other Americans
In the US, 9 in 100 people have been infected with COVID-19. In US prisons however, 34 in 100 people have been infected. This is due to the lack of sanitary areas in prisons and there is no way to social distance effectively.

Ontario reports 3,813 new cases of COVID-19 and 19 more deaths
The seven-day average positive COVID-19 cases continues to rise in Ontario and is the highest it has ever been. Because of this, they are working to continue to get vaccines out as fast as possible.

Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show
This is a series of quotes from emails between science advisor Paul Alexander and HHS public affairs chief Michael Caputo about the CDC and COVID-19

Covid-19: Britain Begins to Reopen, Emerging From One of the World’s Longest Lockdowns
Last week, Britons were able to end their lockdown. Many companies were able to open back up and they are hoping that it will be the last lockdown.

Coronavirus: WHO chief criticizes ‘shocking’ global vaccine divide
The target of seeing vaccination programs under way in every country by April 10th will be missed. WHO is saying that in high income countries almost one in four people have received a vaccine but in low income countries it’s one in more than 500 people.

Johnson and Johnson Vaccinations Halt Across Country After Rare Clotting Cases Emerge
Six women aged 18 to 48 developed a blood clotting disorder one to three weeks after getting the vaccine. One has passed away and another is in critical condition. The country is pausing giving out that particular vaccine until further notice.