EScape Newsletter, Issue #7

Reports that are of interest for the week

Not ‘off to the races’: UK science advisor urges caution in easing COVID lockdown 
As England starts to ease their lockdown, there is a question on how quickly they will do so. To make sur

What you need to know about J&J’s newly authorized one-shot COVID-19 vaccine
South Africa and the US are the only two countries as of Feb 27th to approve this vaccine. It is one dose and has been seen as being 74-85 percent effective.

AI shows public attitude toward COVID-19 is more ‘infectious’ than the disease itself
A new Northwestern Medicine study used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze tweets about the virus and see how it affected people’s beliefs. The Study found that people’s biases were magnified when they read tweets about COVID-19 from other uses, and the more it had been retweeted the more people believed it. Scientific events like scientific publications and non-scientific events like politician speeches equally influenced these trends.

Canada’s chief science advisor issues warning about B.C.’s ‘experiment’ with vaccine timing
B.C. has pushed their interval between doses of Moderna, Pfizer, and Oxford-AstraZeneca to 16 weeks. There are concerns because there isn’t a lot of data around how this will work and how the vaccine will react with the new variants

Keep wearing your mask, health officials say after Gov. Greg Abbott lifts mask mandate
Dr. Mark Escott, Travis County Interim Health Authority, states that people should still be following CDC guidelines even with the mask mandate being removed. Even though people are getting vaccinated, there is still new variants and not everyone is safe yet.

Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 wait for advice as the science evolves
With 28 million Americans vaccinated, many Americans are asking what they can and can’t do as they aim to explain what they feel is safe and unsafe. ‘

Equitably allocating COVID-19 vaccine
This article talks about a study done with support from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. They look into disparities in equitable distribution of the vaccine and what measures have or haven’t been taken to have equal distribution.

International Women’s Day: Illustrating the Covid-19 Pandemic
To celebrate International Women’s day, this article describes three women who are using art to help with the pandemic. Avesta Rastan created an infographic that shows how the virus affects your body in 18 different languages, Dr. Radhika Patnala created art around the ‘covid dreams’ that people were having, and Najuum Hashi created art about her experiences as well as others being more self-aware of the impact they could have on other people’s lives by not following precautions

Goldstein: Canada rolls the dice by delaying second vaccine shot
This is a different perspective on the decision to wait 16 weeks to have the second shot in BC.

COVID-19 vaccine from India has rescued the world from pandemic: US scientist
India is called ‘the pharmacy of the world’ for the vast experience and knowledge in medicine and have been contributing significantly to getting vaccines out in a timely manner.

Texas is ending its mask mandate and will allow all business to fully reopen
This article goes into detail about Gov. Abbotts decision to lift the mask mandate and what other states are doing despite warnings from the CDC and President Biden.