EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #5

Reports that are of interest for the week

The Latest: Fauci wins $1 million for “defending science”
Fauci recently won the $1 million Dan David Prize for a “lifetime of leadership” on HIV, AIDS, and his advocacy for the vaccines against COVID-19

California Coronavirus Updates: California to Set Aside 10% of COVID Vaccine Doses for Teachers
This page provides updated information on what is going on in California including: avoiding the “twindemic”, racial inequalities with the vaccine, and California’s $9.6 billion pandemic relief package.

Biden’s push to reopen schools could spur confrontation with teachers’ union
The CDC has said that schools should reopen with the proper safety precautions however teachers are arguing and saying it is still not safe. Though some schools are able to implement these precautions not all have the ability to do so.

The UK approved the world’s first COVID-19 human challenge trial
The UK will test human volunteers to test how much of the virus it actually takes to start the infection.

Scientists call for ‘pan-virus vaccines’ to prevent next pandemic
Scientists have been pushing for a government investment into vaccine technology to prevent future pandemics.

Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 response Team and Public Health Officials
• This brief gives an overview of how the strategy to vaccinate all Americans is going based on three things: vaccine supply, number of vaccinators, and places to get vaccinated.

France turns to citizens’ panel to reduce vaccine skepticism
In a poll, only about 57% of France wants to get the vaccine, which is low in comparison to the UK which is about 89%. France believes that their citizens have a fear of the vaccine and have gotten a 35-member citizens’ vaccine panel together to figure out how to gain more desire for the vaccine.

Quebec’s Opposition question whether health orders are based on science or politics
The province’s public health doctor, Anglade, speaks out in an interview that she is unsure what the decisions regarding the pandemic are based on: the politics or science.

CNN Exclusive: WHO panel to recommend ‘deeper’ study of early COVID-19 clues
WHO’s recommendations to study further into early COVID-19 clues include two key lines of inquiry: further information about the first patient confirmed in China with COVID-19 and an investigation of the Huahan seafood market.