EScAPE Newsletter, Issue 4

Reports that are of interest for the week

FYI: Science Policy News From AIP Week of February 8th, 2021
Science Committee Pandemic Recovery Proposal
The House Science Committee has been allocated up to $750 million of the $2 trillion endemic relief chair which is the smallest share of all committees. Committee Chair Eddie Bernice Johnson doesn’t think that will be near enough to “…recover all the science and, more importantly, the talent that is hemorrhaging from the STEM pipeline as a result of this crisis.”

AAAS Holds Annual Meeting
American Association for the Advancement of Science has their annual meeting during the week of Feb. They will be discussing the remaining challenges with ending the pandemic, strengthening science advocacy, and having a panel discussion featuring Black STEM professionals talking about racism in science.

Pandemic Recovery, Integrity, and Helium Bills Reintroduced
With the 117th Congress, more science-focused legislation is reintroduced. This includes: Research Investment to Spark the Economy Act, Emergency Support for STEM Act, Scientific Integrity Act, Securing Helium for Science Act.

Online searches can help predict later surges and declines in COVID-19 cases
This article describes the way in which scientists are studying online searches to predict where people are going to be and what quantities. By doing this, they can predict COVID spikes

CDC to announce school reopening guidance Friday
In the past week, Biden has received a lot of criticism for not opening schools as quickly as he said. This article provides his response to the criticism, which is to follow CDC guidelines strictly and open them soon with strong precautions.

Maria Zuber ScM’83, PhD’86, P’11 selected for top science position in Biden administration
This article goes into Biden appointing Maria Zuber to co-chair the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. She is the first woman to co-chair at this position and the article describes her qualifications and her background.

Strengthen scientific integrity under the Biden administration
This journal entry goes into the behind the scenes of scientists and presidents getting along. It recounts historical issues with science and policy and goes into what Biden is doing differently.

Analysis confirms racial disparities in COVID-19 infection
There was a study that occurred in Northern California early in the pandemic that found there were racial and ethnic disparities in testing positive for COVID-19. The article talks about why this is a problem and what roles health care workers can play to help level the playing field.

Researchers broaden tracking of COVID-19 through wastewater
A research team at the University of Miami recently was given a major federal grant to help study how wastewater can predict COVID outbreaks. The University had used this technique to help figure out when there would be an outbreak on campus as research has shown that people will excrete the virus using the bathroom before showing symptoms.

Media Statement: Arrival of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine
South Africa has received their first delivery of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as of February 16.

Canada’s nursing shortage is a gaping wound in our health care system
This article goes into the working conditions of nurses in Canada and what their pay looks like. There has been a shortage for quite some time and it will only get worse.