EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #41

Reports that are of interest for the week

COVID-19 has damaged public trust in science. Here’s how to repair it.
This article gives an overview of the impact that social media during the pandemic has had on the way that science has been communicated to the public. It talks also talks about next steps that can be taken to better communicate scientific findings.

“Investing to rebuild science’ critical due to profound impact of COVID-19 pandemic
Experts and volunteers at the American Heart Association talk about the effect that the pandemic has had on cardiovascular scientists and scientists in general, including how difficult it is to work from home rather than in a lab.

The effect of mass vaccination on COVID-19 mortality in Israel
This study looked at the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine of an entire population in Israel. They estimated actual deaths and projected deaths with or without vaccination in people above the age of 70 and found that if 90% of the older population is vaccinated there is a reduction in COVID-19 mortality.

No anti-vaxx docs invited to science advisory table
Health Minister in Ontario, Christine Elliot, has said recently that they will not add doctors who disagree with vaccination to the COVID-19 science advisory table. She believes that they are receiving a variety of different scientific perspectives but doesn’t feel that disbelief in vaccination should be one of them.

It’s more ‘follow the politics’ than ‘follow the science’
Cliff Buddle, a South China Morning Post columnist states his opinions on the government's decisions in Hong Kong, specifically how he disagrees with the choice to crack down on quarantine for travelers to have similar regulations as the mainland.

Covid will ‘circulate every winter’ chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance warns
UK chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance has stated the importance of getting vaccinated for COVID-19 because even after the virus is under control it will still be something the world has to live with every year.

Science table urges province to use schools to administer COVID-19 vaccines to kids
To solve more accessibility and equity issues with children getting vaccinated in Ontario, the scientific advisory table has advised the government to have schools administer vaccines. The government plans on doing so, but not during school hours.

University of Oregon researchers find COVID-19 hit some pocketbooks harder than others in Oregon
A study done by Benjamin Clark and Robert Parker from Oregon University investigated the way that COVID-19 affected different groups of people economically. They found that economies that were tourism-based were hit the hardest, 47% of jobs were lost in the leisure and hospitality sector, and many other findings.