EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #37

Reports that are of interest for the week

COVID-19 Vaccine: Second dose provides optimal protection to individuals infected between doses, study suggests
This study investigates the different antibody levels of getting vaccinated if also infected with coronavirus. It found that those who had COVID-19 and then got the vaccine, had higher antibody levels however if they were infected after the first dose and before the second, their antibody levels were lower.

A new antiviral pill cuts COVID-19 hospitalization and death rates
A drug called molnupiravir was tested to investigate its effect on the ability of the immunocompromised to fight COVID-19. They tested 377 people and found that only 7.3 percent who were hospitalized passed away.

Clear communication key to fostering trust in COVID-19 guidance
We have heard a lot of advice addressed to country leaders during the pandemic about clear communication and following science. Many leaders have said they would follow this advice, however, there is still confusion now, especially about boosters. This is an interview with Jay Winston talking more about this concept and how it is affecting people today.

Alberta acted like the pandemic was over. Now it’s cautionary tale for Canada
As the situation with Alberta gets worse, scientists and advisory groups are looking at the “missteps” that put them in this situation, and what other leaders can do to prevent this for their people.

Alaska allows hospitals to ration care amid COVID spike
Due to limited health care, Alaska recently activated emergency crisis protocols. These protocols lead to 20 medical facilities rationing their care if they need to, but they also wanted to make it clear that if Alaskans needed healthcare assistance they should still reach out.

AI may predict the next virus to jump from animals to humans
A study done in the UK found that machine learning could use viral genomes to predict if future animal-infecting viruses could impact humans.

Teachers are driving force behind ‘global education recovery’ from COVID-19
This article talks about the challenges that teachers have had to face since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2019. It also thanks them for all that they have overcome during this time and for what they will have to do to help students catch up.

B.C. public service employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Nov. 22
The BC Public Service Agency will be requiring its 30,000 employees to be fully vaccinated by November 22nd and will have to provide proof with a vaccine card. Also, workers in long-term health care and living facilities should be fully vaccinated by October 12 and all health care workers by October 26.

COVID-19: N.B. to invoke ‘circuit-breaker’ to hot spots, issues Thanksgiving gathering limit
New Brunswick enacted “circuit breaker” COVID-19 restrictions to control a surge of infections in Zones one, three and four. The entire province has also been restricted to single- household contacts only for Thanksgiving this year, for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.