EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #31

Reports that are of interest for the week

A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts but does not defeat Delta
Israel has the highest vaccination level: about 78% of people over 12 are vaccinated. However, they also have some of the top infection rates globally, at about 650 cases per day per million people. This shows how boosters will be needed and COVID-19 will not be controlled quickly. 

A microscopic video shows the coronavirus on the rampage
This article provides a video of the coronavirus’s effect on a bat’s braincells. Sophie-Marie Aicher, who provided the video, said the virus acts similarly in both bats and humans, however bats do not get sick. 

Top epidemiologist regions from Ontario’s COVID-19 science table, alleges within holding of ‘grim’ projections
Dr. David Fisman stepped down from Ontario’s COVID-19 advisory table, due to his discomfort with the way scientific information was being shared to the public. 

Why experts think we should fight for vaccine equity despite pandemic fatigue
As the pandemic continues unrelentingly, around the world people are starting to feel ‘pandemic fatigue’ and want it to be over. However, there is still inequality in the effects that the pandemic has had and who has access to vaccines to dampen the effects. Many richer countries are hoarding vaccines causing vaccine droughts in poorer countries. 

Biden’s failing global Covid-19 response
Throughout the pandemic, President Biden’s focus has been on the US’s needs and desires, leaving a lot of poorer countries without resources. Biden is planning on hosting a global Covid-19 summit and this author gives a list of commitments he should make. 

Toxic politicization of COVID in the US has global ramifications- analysis
This article talks about the political dynamics in the US from an outside perspective, and how it affects countries and economies globally. It uses the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of the political polarization that the US continues to have. 

Global COVID hot spots toughen restrictions
As the Delta variant continues to spread, many countries are starting to tighten up restrictions including New Zealand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. 

Global Covid-19 vaccine equity should get a ‘booster’ too
While richer countries such as the US, Israel, France, Germany and the UK are providing boosters or planning to, less than two percent of people in low income countries have received even a single dose of any vaccine.