EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #29

Reports that are of interest for the week

Did the Tokyo Olympics drive Japan’s COVID-19 surge?
Tokyo is having a surge of COVID-19 cases that is causing distress, especially since only a fourth of the population is vaccinated. Many are saying that the Olympics caused cases to rise because it brought a sense of normalcy to the citizens even though they were supposed to be in lockdown.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul calls for people to ‘resist’ CDC as COVID delta variant spreads
This article goes into Senator Rand Paul’s views about COVID-19 mandates and regulations from the CDC. It also talks about the effect sharing these values to the public has as Delta variant cases continue to increase.

China: Delta variant steps up infection rates
When the first wave of COVID-19 occurred, China stayed ahead of it, keeping infections and deaths to a minimum. However, after the Delta variant has arrived, they are having a harder time controlling it.

Government ‘ignored advice from Sage to implement new guidelines for air purification systems’
Air purifiers have the ability to capture coronavirus particles in some cases, so having good air purifiers can help to limit the spread of the virus. However, the UK government ignored Sage’s advice to urge buildings to have better purifiers.

Decision to vaccinate children rests on ethics rather than science
There is large debate globally regarding allowing children under 12 to be vaccinated. While the US and most of the EU is allowing children to be vaccinated to keep them from harm, the UK, Sweden and some other countries aren’t, believing that the risks of getting vaccinated outweigh the benefits

‘Listen to science, not social media’: Unvaccinated at high risk for catching delta coronavirus variant
In Hawaii, only two vaccinated residents have died due to or with COVID-19, and most of those who are vaccinated and, in the hospital, have other lingering health issues as well. There is also an interview with Brian Keaulana who talks about his experience with COVID-19 and the effect it has had on him and those around him.

Local officials in Florida prepare to defy the governor’s no mask mandate
Some schools in Florida and Texas are defying state mandates, or lack thereof, asking that masks be worn by students, teachers, and visitors. State officials are threatening to withhold salaries from teachers where masks are required.

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Green’s account for one week
Green tweeted that the Food and Drug Administration in the US should not approve of the vaccine and that it is ineffective. Twitter then labeled the tweet as misleading and suspended her account for a week.