EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #20

Reports that are of interest for the week

First science adviser in US president’s cabinet talks COVID, spying, and more
This article goes over an interview with Eric Lander when he talks about his past work and what he is looking forward to as a new director and science advisor.

Come on, CDC, we need you
Author H. Holden Thorp talks about what he feels the CDC needs to do better with in the future, particularly with clear communication to the public.

Biden’s new science advisor swears in on old Mishna
When sworn into office on June 2nd, Dr. Lander was sworn on a rare 1492 edition of Pirkei Avot translated as “Ethics of the Fathers”. After, he talks about what he values and what his purpose will be as a scientific leader.

After vaccinating 95 percent of adults, a Brazilian city is returning to normal
Serrana, Brazil in an experiment called Projecto S which vaccinated nearly all adults. At the beginning of March, there were around 600 cases per 100,000 people. Two weeks after the adults received the second shot, only two people had gone to the hospital due to COVID.

America needs a high-powered commission to probe the pandemic’s origins
There has been a large amount of research put into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak, however, there has not been any major findings. This article talks about what needs to be done in order to understand where the virus came from and why it is important to know.

Six months of COVID vaccines: What 1.7 billion doses have taught scientists
This article provides information on COVID-19 vaccinations globally and what scientists have been able to learn from it.

Indie Rage: Left-wing bias of scientists on Independent Sage urging for harsher Covid rules
Recently, Sage and the Prime Minister in Canada have been on different pages when it comes to Covid health restrictions. This article gives a different perspective on the Sage group which may be letting their political values get in the way of their scientific advice.

HIV after Covid: Anthony Fauci and an army of researchers seek to regain momentum
Due to the great amount of research done to find a vaccine for HIV, creating the COVID vaccine was much easier and could be done in a short amount of time. Now that the COVID vaccine has been created, Fauci would like to refocus on finding a vaccine for HIV.

Ontario science table warns of potential for long-term effects from school closures
After 20 weeks of school closures for students, scientists aim to create a plan to help students catch up on the studies they may have missed and help them regain physical and emotional health after being away for so long.

Infectious diseases expert David Lye calls out misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines
In Singapore, fake news regarding vaccines has been floating around. Dr. Lye addresses some of this news in this article while also asking the public to double check their resources.

Why are calls growing to investigate the Wuhan lab leak theory?
This article goes in depth about the studies regarding the origin of COVID-19. During the presidency of Donald Trump, the origin of the virus became very politicized and there is now hope that a new investigation will bring answers.