EScAPE Newsletter, Issue #13

Reports that are of interest for the week

A Desire for Authoritative Science? How citizen’s informational needs and epistemic beliefs shaped their views of science, news, and policymaking in the COVID-19 pandemic
This is a study done in Germany with 1513 participants. It looks into citizen’s views of the relationships between science, policymaking, and the media.

Preparedness for COVID-19: The Initial Pandemic Response and Lessons Learned
The United States Senate had a hearing regarding the pandemic and how the US reacted. This is the 10-minute virtual video conference of what was discussed.

The UK Government’s COVID-19 Policy: What Does “Guided by the Science” Mean in Practice?
This research looks into politics in the UK and expert advice. It particularly focuses on government policy with the science advice during lockdown.

Spatiotemporal Pattern of COVID-19 Spread in Brazil
The spread of COVID-19 in Brazil has been unequal throughout the country. This research talks about what caused this to occur.

TV News Was the Main source of Early COVID-19 Misinformation for Some in the US
Penn State did a study that found Americans who got information from TV news and Facebook were the most informed. 42.8% of people got their information from government websites and were the most informed.

Ontario’s New COVID-19 Restrictions Have Science ‘Absolutely Upside-Down,’ Experts Say
Ontario is implementing another 6-week at home order. Some believe that those who need help financially are not getting it and there may be other solutions that would be better to use than making everyone stay at home.

These Countries Did Well With Covid. So Why Are They Slow on Vaccines?
While the US has been able to fully vaccinate close to a quarter of the population, Australia and South Korea have only vaccinated around 3 % and Japan and New Zealand have only vaccinated 1% of their population. This article talks about why.

India’s Devastating Outbreak is Driving the Global Coronavirus Surge
India’s new cases account for about one in three of all new COVID-19 cases in the entire world. They’re struggling with changes in behavior and the influence of the new variant.

Otters at Georgia Aquarium Test Positive for Coronavirus
This article goes into the COVID-19 virus with animals and how it affects them as well as what animals have been infected in the past in the US.

Greta Thunberg Calls for Worldwide Equality in Covid Vaccinations
Greta states in a video that governments and vaccine developers need to look into vaccine inequality and “step up their game”

This Doctor Almost Quit Ontario’s COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Table Over Ford’s Response
Dr. Peter Jüni is interviewed and talks about the government ignoring the science advice to give paid sick days to frontline workers.